Cake 10″

Brownies Extra Drizzle 10 inci

With extra caramel & nutella drizzle goodness on top. Size 10″.

Hcc No Cheese 10 inci

Specially made for customer who only wanted to savor the sponginess and softness of the cake. Size 10″.

Hcc Standard 10 inci

The chocolate base, topped with a thick Ganache Chocolate, full cream cheese, Nutella and salted caramel guaranteed customer satisfaction once they savored this dessert. Size 10″.

Red Velvet Standard 10 inci

The mixture Was added with its own unique chocolate mixture which makes it stands proud among other Dessert. Size 10″.

Red Velvet Full Nutella 10 inci

Our specialty product for those who wants to indulge into full Nutella experience. Size 10″.