Domisi Cookies

The buttery texture & chocolate chips inside this cookies incite the sense of relaxation & enjoyment once Savored. 180 gram.

Tart Nenas Gulung

The buttery texture of the dough that wrapped around the Nenas (Pineapple) tart can easily Melted away when savored make it the best choice for any festive event. +/- 50 pcs.

Cornflakes Cookies

The buttery and crunchy texture make this cookies become so popular Among its customer. +/- 50 pcs.

Suji Cashew Nut

The softness of This blended nuts texture can be felt once savored. The nutty and milky flavors of this delicacy Is what made this delicacy to stand out. +/- 50 pcs.

Almond London

The taste is filled with nuttiness of its almond inside which can be taste in every bites of this cookies. The chocolate on top of this dessert then compliment the nuttiness of the almond. +/- 50 pcs.

Double Choc Cookies

Double Choc Cookies is a new delicacy brought by Mamasab. The double chocolate. +/- 50 pcs.

Batang Buruk

The taste of the grinded green bean and the wheat flour is so balance that made this delicacy to be so crunchy but at the same time maintain its softness. 700 gram.

Belgium Cookies

The crunchiness texture of this cookies become a favorite among the customers. +/- 27 pcs.