Dry Items

Popia Udang Pedas

The balance flavors of dried prawn and the chilies with the spices inside the wrapped Popia skin make it even better for any type of event either it is festive or when you just having your leisure time. 400 gram.

Kerepek Pisang Salted Egg

Kerepek Pisang Tanduk Salted Egg is a new Mamasab product line! The special flavoured sweetness of the fried banana is elevated by the umami sensation brought by the salted egg. This delicacies is suitable to be serve during any leisure time. 300 gram.

Kerepek Ubi Salted Egg

Kerepek Ubi salted egg is a new Mamasab product line! With the umami flavour coexisted inside the salted egg, it nourishes the sensation of the natural sweetness of the sweet potato. 300 gram.

Cheezy Crakers

Made from popiah skin & powdered cheddar cheese, this Cheezy Crackers promises the wholesome experience of crunchiness and goodness. 264 gram.

Dory Skin

“Dory Skin coated with salted egg and cheese powder. The salty, cheezy and crunchiness of the Dory Skin make it even better when you just having your leisure time together with it. 100 gram.

Serunding Daging

Rich with the fibrous red meat protein, the Serunding Daging also brings the richness of its spice to anyone who savors it. 600 gram.

Kek Buah Kukus

Kek Buah Kukus or fruit cake is one of the best dessert to be serve during high tea. 600 gram.

Gift Set Cookies

Gift Set Cookies is a box with a variety of premium cookies by Mamasab such as Pandan Gula Melaka Cookies, Ombak Rindu Cookies, Cornflakes Crunchy, Almond London Cookies, Tart Nenas Gulong and Red Velvet Cookies. 620 gram.