Minipack Brownies

Fully loaded with high premium chocolate, Minipack Brownies Legend is in its own category in terms of chewiness its taste.

Minipack Red Velvet

Minipack Red Velvet still maintain its tastiness, softness and its vibrant red color which makes People who sees it to start craving for it.

Minipack HCC

Minipack DFCC jam-packed With high grade cheese, topping high quality premium chocolate inside a small confined space.

Minipack Pecan Butterscotch

The light texture of cake topped with butterscotch cream & drizzled with pecan nuts increase the savoriness of this dessert and truly ensure relinquish ones cravenness .

Mini Choc Moist

The thickness of the chocolate is beyond ones imagination make people go Crazy about this dessert.

Nutella Cheese Cake Slice

With its extra special chocolate base made of mixture of chocolate buiscuits, high quality cheese and another layer of nutella as its topping.

Mini Pandan Gula Melaka

Right balance between the savoriness and sweetness of cocponut milk. With the coconut flakes on top, it bring the tropical sense into the dessert itself.


Perfect! The sweet taste of  Nutella is well balanced by it’s premium cheese.